Wheel of Fortune + mini golf course


Wheel of Fortune + mini golf course


Mobile Mini golf

The mobile Minigolf system can be used even in the smallest space. There is a lot of fun and skill. What not only inspires the little ones. All obstacles can be set up individually.

The Minigolf facility consists of:

  - 3 x 3 m artificial grass

  - 13 plastic obstacles (9 lanes) of different sizes and difficulty.

  - 6 golf clubs and golf balls

  - point block

Accompanied by an event manager who takes care of the day with a lot of love. Have fun in in-door + out-door



Animation (Walking-Act)

Promotion uad Eventpersonal

Promoter (Flyer)

Service staff and bartender

We offer them a fellow wizardry,

Bouncy castles, children's jewels, balloon modeling.

Our creative craft workshop


Various costumes for any occasion in the year Valentine's Day - Easter - Mother's Day - Christmas

The mobile mini golf course

Wheels of fortune with moderation


With us you can always find great new ideas for your event.

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